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Who do individuals and couples ignore glaring signs of discord in the ability to relate honestly? Why do broken relationships often engender self-abuse? One wishes for a more coherent story with a more cathartic and realistic ending. Philip Hoffman and Pilar Witherspoon are the understudies. To purchase tickets, call the 59E59 Box Office at or visit www. Webb Directed by Thomas G. The engaging and energetic Mr. Steward rehearses in detail how his character commits the horrible crime that results in the death of a young Latino man, the details of his arrest and experience in the holding cell, how he easily affords bail, and how two years later he is able to cop a deal that reduces his prison time from a minimum of 10 years for manslaughter to a year on Rikers Island.

The playwright here, as he does throughout the piece, makes no effort to hide how this privilege benefitted him. All vestiges of his privilege evaporate when Richard finally is assigned to his cell block and he realizes he is in the racial minority. Which makes me and you, oh new, melanin deprived, recruits into the System of Corrections a minority. Hector not only does not tolerate being undercut; he discovers that the young man Richard killed is his nephew.

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Richard is threatened, harassed, and sometimes doubtful he will make it out of Rikers alive. Under Thomas G. Waites His performance is riveting and unforgettable. Back to the issue of othering. These missing elements are probably best addressed in the form of rich and enduring questions. This is a guide for the White Man who builds, staffs, and operates prisons in America and profits from those institutions of incarceration. For more information, visit www. Running time is 90 minutes with no intermission. Detailed information about their lives, their work, and their relationships is abundant and readily available.

For a script about the famous pair to be engaging and relevant, the writing needs to include either new information or it needs to attempt to bring some new perspectives to the massive body of knowledge that has been previously explored in film, theatre, and documentaries. What of the first forty-five minutes? Bob Stevens chooses to spend far too much time on unpacking suitcases and guitars, deciding what song McCartney and Lennon might record they are due to write songs for a new album and seem totally blocked , ordering food, watching television, and dealing with screaming fans including one stuck in the air vent in their hotel room.

The actors play eight 8! Prior work has focused on producing, writing, and consulting for television sitcoms. His lack of experience is evident here. It is difficult for Mr. Crawford and Mr. Sears to tackle this anemic script with any chance of overcoming its myriad deficiencies. And director Carol Dunne is not able to move her cast around with any convincing authenticity. Why the playwright chooses to highlight an important moment in Beatles lore and then fails to deliver is a mystery.

The concept is good; the execution is disappointing. The design team includes Michael Ganio set designer ; Allison Crutchfield costume designer ; Dan Kotlowitz lighting and projections designer ; and Jane Shaw sound designer. Running time is 70 minutes with no intermission. What happens, indeed, when a mumps outbreak at the school forces the board to examine the facts about vaccinating infants and herd immunity? And what happens when two children of board members contract the mumps, the memory of one child of a board member who dies after inoculation years ago surfaces, and the Alameda County Health Officer suggests quarantine for the affected students and highly recommends vaccination for the student population?

New board member Carina Elizabeth Carter — a black lesbian who just moved back west with her wife from the east coast — rightly questions what the CAC might be and Meiko K. Moggie — late to the discussion because her daughter Olivia has a fever and a swollen face — demurs to scheduling the event for the following day.

However, playwright Jonathan Spector succeeds, and the FB Live scene successfully serves as the crisis of the play. The heightened action in the final scenes would require multiple spoiler alerts. Casting is by Anne Davison. Mehr Kaur serves as the Associate Director. Two p. Running time is 1 hour and 50 minutes with one intermission. Credit: Robert Altman. Keith Hamilton Cobb makes it clear that unless we take his cautionary tale seriously, we risk opportunities for meaningful and transparent dialogue: and this at the peril of creating an even greater divide in our culture, our nation, and the global community.

His language is powerful, engaging, and deeply infused with the need for truth telling and transparency. Silencing and truth are inextricably woven into the issues of systemic racism. During the curtain call, the audience at this performance quickly rose up on their feel to deliver enthusiastic applause. He is joined by Josh Tyson as the Director. Edwards lighting design , and Christian Frederickson sound design. Tickets can be purchased by visiting www. This unique perspective allows Alice to convey to the audience how she understands the significance of her death and how her life experiences might have contributed to her death.

It is significant that Ms. There is anger at her mother, denial of the turning point she experienced, bargaining as she makes the decision about taking her own life as her boyfriend Ben confuses prurience with compassion , and the acceptance of her choice to end her life — depression has been ever present for Alice in life, in death, and in life beyond death.

Much of the success of Ms. Milly Thomas is a brilliant performer. Just as Ms. This convention is brilliant and evolves over the course of the performance. Tickets can be purchased online at nytw. Running time is 75 minutes with no intermission. Both are haunting and unforgettable plays, each performed by a brilliant actor.

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Neither monologue is linear which makes it difficult for the actors to convey a sense of continuity in their performances. The stories move quickly from present to past and back again. There are more than one setting in each play and the moods in each monologue shift mercilessly without warning. One can see his thinking outpacing his speaking as he tries to make sense of what befalls him and his family while his wife shops locally, his daughter plays by the sea, and his father-in-law relaxes and reads by her side.

Two major differences in the scripts determine the style and impact of the performances. Logos, pathos, and ethos collide in their telling of two tragic stories of love, family, strength, disappointment, and the vicissitudes of birth, life, and death. The characters in these two short plays and their universal conflicts resonate powerfully with audience members and the connections of the rich plot these conflicts develop to the self and the other are riveting. Projections have been added to the Broadway production which do nothing to add to the sense of the universality of the monologues.

The work of the two actors is enough to portray the necessary pervasiveness of the themes without visual sleight-of-hand. The themes of the two short plays are so congruent and the conflicts of the two protagonists so parallel, it often seems to be one co-authored play in two acts. Each actor delivers compelling performances that bring his character to a level of believability and authenticity rarely achieved in solo performances.

It is not difficult to believe that these are the stories of the actors themselves performed for the audience as their gifts of catharsis and redemption. Tickets are on sale by visiting www. Running time is 1 hour and 45 minutes including a minute intermission. Nor has she been terribly man savvy. Each of these important issues is handled not only glibly but in a highly charged didactic style.

Knowing whether she goes forward in time or back to Chip would require a spoiler alert. Throughout this endeavor, Ms. The thought that in two women could not engage in a romantic relationship is held in disdain by one of the characters. Apparently, Ms. Whitfield is not aware of the active lesbian community at the beginning of the s. Unfortunately, the playwright offers no new solutions or insights into these important issues for women and for their causes of freedom. Whitfield chooses to direct her play with less than successful results.

White and Mr. Casting is by Stephanie Klapper Casting. The production stage manager is Emely Zepeda. Tickets are available by calling the 59E59 Box Office on or by visiting www. Running time is 85 minutes with no intermission. Any nostalgia for his home is overshadowed in the musical by overbearing greed and abuse of his reputation and standing in his community. Junior, at nineteen, was to continue in this family tradition of faith healing. This morally ambiguous act both illicit and redemptive does not redeem the overall structure and content of the musical.

The cast is uneven, perhaps resulting from their efforts to navigate the overwrought and overlong script. There are confusing scenes like the one with sex workers in the background writhing around while Charma connects to Junior telepathically. Running time is 1 hour and 45 minutes without intermission. The playwright raises several enduring questions, including whether there is a difference between make-believe and real life or if they are perhaps the same phenomenon, and whether one can ever escape the specter of dysfunction and childhood trauma. This revelation begins when the children realize they have been abandoned in the attic of their family home and when one of them, Chris, decides to act.

In these family make-believe role-plays, older brother Chris an intense and mysterious Ryan Foust and older sister Kate a determined and astute Maren Heary play husband and wife and Dad and Mom to their younger siblings Addie an introspective and imaginative Casey Hilton and Carl a lonely and somewhat ignored Harrison Fox who is most often assigned the role of family dog. These are children older beyond their years. Where he got the money to buy the food is revealed in the second half with the grim discovery disclosed by his adult namesake a solid and deeply reflective Kim Fischer who is attending the same funeral.

Similar parallels are disclosed for Addie a broken but hopeful Susannah Flood and for Carl a distracted and depressed Brad Heberlee. But do these consequences totally define the dysfunction of adulthood? How is this Chris related to Chris Conlee and will his surprise revelation give the Conlees a second chance at redemption and release? Will there be catharsis for the audience? Justin Scribner serves as production stage manager. But what of the play itself? Did the run of the play mean anything? Domenica Feraud plays Rachel the anorexic high school student who has been in extensive treatment at Renley a facility specializing in the treatment of eating disorders.

After fighting for her life there with the therapeutic guidance of staff member Brenda a commanding and intuitive Portia , Rachael believes she is ready for a trial weekend back home with her mother Joan a self-absorbed and toxic Florencia Lozano , her father Peter an ineffective and weak Michael Hayden , and her brother Brody an honest and authentic Jake Ryan Lozano.

Feraud uses foreshadowing early in her play to handily short circuit the process of exposition. No one picks Rachel up to bring her home: Rachel must find her own way home for the weekend trial visit. This could not be a more emphatic example of what is to come in the remainder of the play. Rachel is reentering the toxic environment that contributed to her illness.

Her family system is broken and has only become worse in her absence. Her mother Joan is highly competitive and controlling and her father Peter does nothing but collude with the dysfunction. She decides to return to Renly with Brenda. This is her only choice if she wants to choose life over death and wellness over the binging and purging cycles of anorexia. Joan and Peter are not even willing to fulfill the requirement of one parent being present when Rachel eats and assuring her meals are substantial including the required amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. These are the questions that ultimately allowed Rachel to maintain a holistic and healthy control of her life and abandon the pernicious type of control that was slowly eroding her chance to live.

It captures the sounds of Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Patti Labelle, Beyonce, Elton John and an endless host of others as they are woven into the plot with unequivocal brilliance. Those all familiar high-octane vocals perfectly match the glitz and purely decadent glamour that surrounds them and echoes their sentiment. As you await the show to begin, revel in the pre-show antics of the family of actors, singers and dancers that occupy this louche house of entertainment. That will only happen if you stop your eyes from gorging themselves on the visual feast that scenic designer Derek McLane has placed before you, complete with signature windmill and elephant that peer over your shoulder from the now defunct boxes high above.

Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of color that blankets the stage and adorns the sexy costumes by Catherine Zuber that are bathed with washes of warm and inviting lighting designed by Justin Townsend. Snap pictures with your phone like an enthusiastic tourist, mill around the theatre amongst the crowded aisles of the orchestra and feel the energy of the devoted congregation.

They are not there to pray. It seems worth whatever the cost as you are transported to a place that is foreign but familiar, sleazy but safe and tempting but tragic, because, you want to be there. The Musical. Christian a convincing and magnetic Aaron Tveit who has fled his restrained life in America, to join the bohemian artists of Paris and become a song writer finds his way to the Moulin Rouge and meets Satine the incomparable and intoxicating Karen Olivo the outlandish diva of the cabaret.

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Enter the Duke an evil and beguiling Tam Mutu who is there to save the club from bankruptcy in exchange for an introduction to the beautiful and alluring Satine. Harold Zidler the outstanding Danny Burstein is the owner of the cabaret who officiates over the devilish proceedings. That is where the story begins. Where it ends is the heartbreaking tragedy. Tveit uses all his charm to create a genuine character that is under written and supports his effort with his mesmerizing baritone vocals. This is just the spark that ignites her performance as she shatters the house with her impeccable vocal ability.

The superb Mr. Burstein portrays the father of this family of misfits with honesty and practicality while managing to serve up his dual personality as ringmaster of the decadent circus with a sonorous style and forlorn energy. Director Alex Timbers with a keen eye for detail, galvanizes his cast, inspiring them to participate in the debauchery of the musical extravaganza but never lose sight of the tragic story. The choreography of Sonya Tayeh is the heartbeat of the production, pumping life into musical numbers and challenging dancers to turn emotions into movement. Orchestrations, arrangements and music supervision by Justin Levine is the cohesive element that supports, invigorates and fortifies every creative aspect of the performances.

Categorized as a jukebox musical this production gives new meaning to the adverse classification by weaving the musical catalogue of mega hits into the straightforward book by Jonathon Logan. Call this opulent, over the top, musical extravaganza anything you like but be aware it will never diminish the incredible work of a first-rate creative team or depreciate the entertainment value that it delivers. The ensemble and swings include Amber Ardolino, Jacqueline B.

Ashley Loren is the Standby for Satine. Casting is by Jim Carnahan and Stephen Kopel. Tickets are available at www. Running time is 2 hours and 35 minutes including one intermission. Kay says she has spent most of her life in waiting rooms and playwright Elaine Murphy uses the waiting room as an apt metaphor for the often-unwelcome vicissitudes of life.

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing new in these stories and their too comfortable content makes the one-hundred minutes seem much longer. Despite the challenges of the script, the three fine actors transcend the material to offer glimpses into the often-undisclosed problems facing three generations of women caught in restrictive matrices of expectation and oppression.

Arthur Atkinson serves as Production Stage Manager. Greenburger Mainstage through September 1, on the following performance schedule: Wednesdays at p. Running time is minutes without intermission. Although Maggie manages to deck him, the police have no interest in apprehending him. Chavez tackles the text with the same bravado and strength her character summons to subdue her attacker. They plan to turn the whole town into a giant thank you card for Santa, and help Santa deliver the last minute presents.

The boys invent an anti-gravity machine. Carl, on a mission from Major Monogram, gets them to show it to him. Baljeet dresses up as a samosa for his uncle's Unification Day parade float. Candace reluctantly asks Phineas and Ferb's help to create the ride of Jeremy's life for his birthday.

Doof has a lucky day thanks to his Good Luckinator. Doof uses an inator to return things to the store. Guest star Simon Pegg. S4 Ep Gravity Falls Gravity Falls Season 2. Trapped in the apocalypse and menaced by villains new and old, Dipper finds himself in a race against time. Meanwhile, Bill's forces plan their next move. Karmi is determined to give Captain Cutie a love letter, and Captain Cutie is just as determined not to accept it!

Mom drops her lucky guitar pick which slides under the skirting board, so the boys invent a machine to retrieve it. Candace is thrilled she's going to be a bridesmaid for her Aunt Tiana - only trouble is, the wedding's in the boys' back yard. After watching a sci-fi marathon, Candace is convinced Ferb is an alien. The boys try some kiddies' rides and Candace climbs aboard a rocket. Marco sets out to impress Jackie at Star's slumber party, but a magical truth-telling game threatens to reveal too much for Star.

Cricket and Gramma end up at a dangerous demolition derby. Cricket hates bears so helps Officer Keys catch one. Cricket has a list of crazy stunts to do while Bill is away. Cricket tries to help Bill realise his childhood dream. S1 Ep6. Supa Strikas Supa Strikas Season 3. When Invincible United's dirty play gets them into trouble, Vince hires a magician to create an illusion allowing them to foul and dive without being caught. S3 Ep5. Cool Joe is thrilled when he's signed by a top record label. But show business goes to his head, affecting both his music and his football.

Will he regain his form in time for the crucial match? S3 Ep6. Star and Marco journey to the Neverzone to rescue his friend Nachos from mysterious demons. When a storm traps Star at Tom's family lake house, she turns it into a fun excursion. Can he dive into the depths and negotiate all the dangers to help his team win the game?

S3 Ep7. Ahead of the big Technicali game, Shakes reveals his secret - The Zone. Coach tries to organise virtual reality training to find the source of The Zone, as things get weirder. S3 Ep9. Roman and Riker return, in search of the list of the superheroes and their whereabouts. Meanwhile, Skylar reunites with an old bff, a superhero named Crossbow. S5 Ep7. Oliver's favorite athlete Clutch participates in an Olympian Sendoff Celebration, but chooses Kaz as his spotter. Meanwhile, Bob aims to compete in the mini-Olympics. S5 Ep9. Honey Lemon devises mini-chem balls which Go Go mistakes for a gumball with disastrous effects.

Hiro thinks Baymax is lost forever, until he finds the chip that Tadashi designed to create Baymax. Hiro immediately gets to work rebuilding his friend. Ducktales Ducktales Season 2. Della struggles for survival against dangerous elements of the Moon, as she looks for a way to get back to her family on Earth, S2 Ep7. Star wants to tell Marco how she really feels about him.

Returning to Mewni, Star and Queen Moon discover the magic of their homeland is weakened. Queen Moon tells Star the story of how she first met Toffee. S3 Ep1. Furiki Wheels Furiki Wheels Season 1. Thunder makes a mascot to keep Andre away from stunts. Andre hires his dad as a sponsor and learns to relax. Billy creates a bunch of clones of himself, but one of the bands is a recipe for disaster. Spencer has detention while the others go to an awards ceremony, and is determined to sneak out and join them. S1 E Spencer gets what he deserves when he cons Hugh into taking him on a camping trip so he can shoot a desert-themed horror movie.

When Sofia is left in charge of her Aunt Tilly's house, she unknowingly brings a group of invading gargoyles to life. During a rainy, stormy night, Vampirina hosts a sleepover and shows Poppy that the dark can be really fun! Gigantosaurus Gigantosaurus Season 1. Timid Bill and brave Rocky end up stranded on an island, however Rocky suddenly becomes the scared one! Trey warns the little dinos about a cave monster named Shriekasaurus. A musical look at superheroes the P. While Gekko tries to stop Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos splatacapult the whole museum, he learns invisibility comes with the hearing as much as the sight.

Paprika Paprika Season 1. The twins play 'Astronauts', and build a rocket. But when it's time to take off with his friends, Stan realizes he's afraid of space-travel! Zou Zou Season 3. Zou has nothing and no-one to play with, until Mum has a washing machine delivered - in a big cardboard box. Zou and his friends are having an art class at the beach. Zou is being constantly harassed by a hungry magpie and decides to paint it. Henry Hugglemonster Henry Hugglemonster Season 1. Welcome to the world of Henry Hugglemonster! Henry lives in the monstery town of Roarsville with his loving and rambunctious monster family!

Henry is your guide to school life, monster-style. And this exuberant monster likes to tell it like it is! Henry Hugglemonster Henry Hugglemonster Season 2. Henry's scout troop is on its first Wilderness Quest and must pick a new leader. Bad boy Roddy nominates himself, and Henry helps him prove he deserves a chance. Olivia paints Stan's portrait, but Podium doesn't think it's good Olivia is vexed, and tries to improve the portrait without understanding what's wrong. The twins decide to make themselves a triplet to do all sorts of fun activities with them.

But their talents fall short of their ambitions, and their creation is a flop. Based on Michel Gay's books, this animated series teaches young viewers valuable lessons about growing up and family, with the help of delightful young zebra Zou. Zou Zou Season 2. This animated series teaches young viewers valuable lessons about growing up and family, with the help of a delightful five year old zebra called Zou. Zou must do a project on The Wind.

But what should he make? In the end, he creates a bicycle powered fan, which everyone likes: it's a very hot day! Stan has promised to help his friends but gets stuck in a traffic jam with his pedal car. Olivia says she can replace him, and do everything as if she were Stan. Stan and Olivia learn that repeating something you hear is tattling. When Podium gets stuck in a tree, they hesitate: would it be tattling if they ask for help?

Henry and Denzel do a monster kid-swap, to see what it's like living in each other's houses. Henry misses his family but Denzel is having a great time!! Stan and Olivia are fascinated by Sheriff Pearl, and decide to become sheriffs themselves. Well, it's not that simple! Both Olivia and Stan realize that Stan can't keep a secret. Gekko makes a new friend, a mini-robot that Romeo uses to infiltrate HQ.

Catboy has to learn it's not all about him while trying to stop the new villains in town, the Wolfys. Mazu and her three besties map the stars. Tiny's artistic skills are put to use when the dinos are lost in the desert. Daisy's made a mess of the apartment and Minnie is on her way home a day early from a trip.

With Cuckoo-Loca's help, and a few short cuts, Minnie races to get the place back in shape before her return. With Beshte alone in the Outlands, Scar uses the opportunity to attack the Lion Guard's strongest member. Heist's cat gets the Smarty Hat and takes over his plot. The Helpers accidentally shave the current dog show champ. Gekko learns to use all of his different skills in order to stop Romeo after the villain created a device duplicating his strength. Vampirina Vampirina Season 1. Vee and her family go on a camping trip.

Princess Vivian has a new music instructor, but Sofia worries that the teacher might have an ulterior motive for helping her friend. Mateo takes on an apprentice, but learns that teaching is harder than it looks when the young girl misuses magic and creates a water spirit. Nancy starts a charm school to teach her friends how to be fancy. When Catboy and Owlette try to stop Luna Girl from improving her powers in space, they are imprisoned and can only rely on Gekko, who stayed at their spaceship. Vee and friends volunteer to babysit for her baby cousin.

Vee and family must prove their house is not haunted. When a new nurse upstages Hallie, she no longer feels needed and disappears! When there's trouble at Southwest Sal's, the toys travel to the ranch to help. Fun-loving pug puppies, brothers Bingo and Rolly, have thrill-seeking appetites that take them on exhilarating adventures in their neighbourhood and around the globe.

Bongo and Rolly travel to Egypt to find the Great Pyramids. When delivery batches of bunnies get mixed up, the Junior Fliers figure out which bunny is which. When famous race car driver Pippa Powers returns to Hot Dog Hills for a reunion of The Roadsterettes Minnie and pals help boost Pippa's confidence after they're challenged to a race by their former rivals, The Beagle-Busters. Vampirina Vampirina Season 2. Vee has the most important job at Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein's wedding!

Gregoria sculpts the family for an art show, but Vee's not ready because she gets bat hair. When Isabel returns to school and discovers that her smart ways make her unpopular, she tries changing herself in order to fit in.

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When Princess Zooey, a new student at Royal Prep, starts a Princess Adventure Club to make friends and invites all the princesses to join except Amber, Sofia helps her realize that it's not nice to exclude others. Night Ninja steals Owlette's rover after overhearing the PJ Masks sing the praises of their vehicles. Gekko uses his Super Gekko Muscles to stop the biggest boulder ever from rolling over the Gekkomobile.

But when it crashes into the playground, he realizes he should have made sure it landed somewhere safe. The pugs go on a journey to find the perfect bowl of soup to help Bob feel better. When Bob wishes he could run fast, the pugs find cheetahs to learn the secret of their speed. Vampirina decides to run for class president. Poppy wants a pet bunny, but first she has to show her mum she's ready to have a pet by looking after Wolfie.

Gekko befriends a robot. Romeo uses it to infiltrate HQ. An infestation of tsetse flies forces the Lion Guard to bring Thurston the Zebra with them on a mission to rescue Jasiri and two hyena cubs. When an evil witch threatens Sofia's troll friends, Sofia must show the trolls how to stand up for themselves. Elena must save Esteban after he drinks too much magical water from the Fountain of Youth and starts getting younger and younger. Follow Fancy Nancy Clancy on her adventures with family and friends, as she finds the extraordinary in the ordinary, and - with a little imagination- transforms the plain into the exquisite.

Now, these two high schoolers and new brothers have to learn how to get through the challenges every teenager faces and learn to live with each other. And whether they're getting along or getting in trouble, audiences just can't get enough. Victorious Victorious Chaos is coming to Tori Vega's life. The 16 year old is starting at a new high school; but not just any school. This is Hollywood Arts, a performing arts school where crazy talented students learn how to become real artists.. Until now, Tori didn't think she had much talent of her own, and was content to live in the shadow of her older sister, Trina.

Now, that's all about to change But Hollywood Arts is still a high school, and Tori is still the new kid. She'll have to find new friends, do homework, and just try to fit in. Will Tori grab a starring role in her new life? The Haunted Hathaways The Haunted Hathaways Michelle Hathaway and her two daughters, Taylor and Frankie, move to New Orleans and discover that their new house is already occupied by a dad and his sons These two families, literally from different worlds, will attempt to live together without driving each other crazy.

The Thundermans The Thundermans Phoebe and Max Thunderman are year-old twins who share a house, a school, a birthday, and a set of superpowers courtesy of their super-powered parents. Yet somehow, in the cosmic game of genetic roulette, Phoebe popped out of the womb good, while Max came out evil.

Hunter Street Hunter Street Hunter Street follows the comedic adventures of five foster kids on the quest of their lives. When the wealthy Erik and Kate Hunter mysteriously disappear, it's up to their foster children to find out what happened. Worried they'll be split up, these resourceful siblings embark on a wild, fun ride to unravel the mystery and keep up appearances - all while fighting off the Hunter's greedy and duplicitous heirs.

Big Time Rush Big Time Rush Big Time Rush is a series about friendship and brotherhood that chronicles the finding, making and breaking - of a potential chart-topping music group. Each of the guys brings something different to the group as they figure out their place in the crazy business of music and entertainment. Life in the business is not easy and their antics often get them in trouble with the record label. From falling for the same girl to redecorating their apartment at the Palm Woods to misbehaving with a new school teacher at the recording studio - the group learns that success comes with hard work and dedication - and the support of one another.

Only kids are brave and open-minded enough to be members of this organisation - whose mission is to keep the world's monster population in check. It is a comedic sci-fi thriller, with a healthy balance of laughs, adventure and thrills! Bubble Guppies Bubble Guppies Bubble Guppies is an adorable educational program for pre-schoolers and their families. Kids will laugh and learn along with the lovable Bubble Guppies, who help prepare their young viewers for an enriching pre-school or kindergarten experience. Zack and Quack live inside the most amazing pop-up book ever.

From the second Zack and Quack step out of their house and into their pop-up garden, adventure begins. Team Umizoomi Team Umizoomi They're mini, they're mighty and they're built for math! When someone has a problem in Umi City, Milli, Geo, and Bot use their mighty math powers to help save the day! They're Team Umizoomi - ready for action!

Dora the Explorer Dora the Explorer The fantastically successful adventures of Dora, a seven-year-old Latina explorer, help viewers learn to solve puzzles as well as teach them to be bilingual. In each episode, Dora and her best friend, Boots the monkey, go on exciting explorations through fantastical places like chocolate lakes and strawberry mountains, and kids can't wait to be included.

Everything's Rosie Everything's Rosie Come and join Rosie and her friends as they go on fun adventures, play games and solve problems. Kiva Can Do Kiva Can Do Kiva is a seven-year-old girl who knows how to make her own fun and whose imagination knows no bounds. Along with her best friend, Saul Dunne and her dog Angus, Kiva can create absolutely anything and go absolutely anywhere. Whatever she can dream - Kiva Can Do! PAW Patrol is a preschool action-adventure series starring a pack of six heroic puppies led by a tech-savvy year-old boy named Ryder.

With a unique blend of problem-solving skills, cool vehicles and physical humour, the PAW Patrol works together on high-stakes rescue missions to protect the Adventure Bay community. Shimmer and Shine Shimmer and Shine Shimmer and Shine is an animated comedy preschool series featuring the madcap, magical adventures of genie-in-training twin sisters Shimmer and Shine and their human best friend, Leah. In Season 2, Leah travels to Zahramay Falls, a fantastical genie land that is home to her two best friends, Shimmer and Shine. Leah joins the twins on their genie-in-training adventures in a world filled with magic.

The trio's adventures are often complicated by the comical schemes of a power-hungry sorceress, Zeta, and her adorable pet dragon, Nazboo. No matter what kind of trouble comes their way, however, the three friends show preschoolers that persistence and resilience always save the day. Rusty Rivets Rusty Rivets Rusty Rivets is an animated preschool adventure-comedy featuring Rusty, a ten-year-old designer, maker, and do-it-yourselfer who solves problems using ingenuity and wild, innovative inventions.

No matter the challenge, Rusty can always build the "fix" in his sprawling Recycling Yard of gadgets, tools, and spare parts. Every trial-and-error attempt results in an even bigger idea until Rusty - along with his homemade pet Botasaur, his tech-savvy neighbour Ruby, and their robotic helpers, the Bits - assembles an amazing machine that finally helps to save the day. An unconventional heroine who combines traditional princess qualities with knightly daring to complete fantastical quests in her own unique way.

Working with loyal knight Sir Garrett, his trusty steed Clod and glamorous unicorn Trinket, Nella breaks barriers, challenges expectations and fights for justice every time the group heads out on an adventure. No matter how tough of a challenge she faces, 8-year-old Nella always stays true to herself through her determination, power and courage. The preschool series features a social-emotional curriculum intended to foster relationship development and empower preschoolers to be courageous.

Presented for the first time in glorious CGI, the series features ground-breaking animation and a new, original Chipmunk song in every episode. The series reflects the trials and tribulations of a single parent, David Seville, trying to raise six hyper-active Chipmunks. Avatar Avatar An adventure set in a fantastic world of dueling elements and martial arts. Avatar tells the epic story of year-old Aang, a reluctant hero. When he's found trapped in an iceberg, Aang joins his two friends, Katara and Sokka, and his pet bison, Appa, on a journey around the globe.

Korra is irrepressible, independent and ready to save the world. Korra has already tamed water, earth and fire, but she needs to learn and magical air. Korra will learn the magic of air from the master Tenzin, son of Avatar Aang and Curse, and will support a revolution against the magic that takes place in the city. Winx Winx Something truly magical has happened to Bloom, an ordinary girl who discovers she's really a fairy with extraordinary powers!

Bloom learns to use her magical powers at the finest fairy school in all the realms, Alfea College. Together, they study hard in school, hang out at their favorite spots in Magix and go on lots of exciting adventures. When faced with trouble, they transform into beautiful fairies and save the world from all sorts of villains, like The Trix, a trio of evil witches. But for these six fairies, nothing can defeat their powerful magic and even stronger friendship. Get ready to feel the magic!

This is a dream come true - her life-long goal is to become a famous fashion designer. Bianca is the daughter of a powerful Italian entrepreneur who is very active in the fashion industry. As the heir positioned to take over the family business, her fate is sealed. Bianca is expected to attend the Fashion Academy and put aside her true passion -- music. The two girls meet at the Fashion Academy of Milan, and get off to a rocky start. They come from totally different worlds and have opposite personalities. But as they clash again and again, they get to know each other better and begin to understand one another.

Together, they form a band, and learn to express their music talents. But thanks to Rudie, their lovable but blundering manager, every concert HJ5 attempts to play inevitably goes comically wrong. G, Love, Angel, and Baby must always work together to somehow set things right and continue chasing their dream. While the brothers have their flippers full keeping their multi-species zoo neighbourhood happy, at times their secret missions beckon them to venture out to New York City's busy subways and sewer systems.

Just as the team thinks it has its urban acreage under control, a new neighbour moves in next door: Julien, a party animal and self-proclaimed "King of the Lemurs," with an entourage and overactive ego.

Theatre Reviews Limited: David Roberts, Theatre Critic. Broadway and Off-Broadway Theatre Reviews.

Throughout the season, new animals will be introduced as well as old friends from the "Madagascar" theatrical films. Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness tells the continuing adventures of Po the Panda as he trains, protects, fights, teaches, learns, stumbles, talks too much, and geeks out as the newest hero in the Valley of Peace. Now living in the barracks with the Furious Five, Po will have to take on his many new responsibilities, his many new adversaries, and his many old pounds in the continuing education and adventures of the Dragon Warrior.

Yeah, that goes without saying. Unfortunately for Po, most of that journey is uphill. Abby Hatcher Abby Hatcher Abby Hatcher is an animated preschool series that follows Abby and her friends the Fuzzlies, amazing and quirky creatures that live in her family's hotel! In Axle City, no star shines brighter than Blaze. He's a champion on the racetrack, and a hero in the streets.

Whenever there's trouble, he's the truck everyone turns to for help because they know Blaze can do things no other truck can! He's the fastest monster truck in town-he's got Blazing Speed! Using his scientific knowledge, Blaze can beat any challenge. When the going gets tough, he can transform into any machine imaginable and tackle the problem at hand. With state-of-the-art technology and an unquenchable thirst for discovery, the Nektons explore the mysterious depths of the ocean, where most of our world lies unexplored and unexplained.

While others look up to the stars, this family knows that an infinite number of things shine brightly in the darkness below. The deep is a place where leviathans swim through sunken cities, where pirates lurk amidst floating black markets, and where a mysterious group of Guardians hide long lost secrets. Gormiti Gormiti A long time ago, the island-world of Gorm was threatened by a terrible enemy: the Darkans.

The Gormiti, guided by their powerful Lords, joined their forces to face this threat. War broke out Today, this battle is remembered as legendary. The only remaining proof is the One Tower, the ancient fortress of the Gormiti. Our heroes must learn to use the Elemental Bracers to summon the legendary Gormiti and unleash their power to save the world! Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Immediately after the demise of the Great Devourer, the ninja are faced with a problem that they are not prepared to face: How to train Lloyd.

After attempting and failing miserably to find good work for themselves in Ninjago City, they accept Grand Sensei Dareth's challenge: if one of them can defeat him, they will be allow to train in his "Mojo Dojo". After accomplishing this feat, the ninja precede to train Lloyd. However, Garmadon has not been idle: He has recreated the Bounty, united the Serpentine under his control, and merged the four golden weapons into the powerful mega weapon, but he soon discovers from experience that the weapon cannot destroy, but only create, much to his chagrin.

He recreates Captain Soto and his pirate band, the previous owners of the Bounty, by accident, and they turn against him Garmadon and lock him and the Serpentine up. Eleven-year-old Lincoln Loud gives viewers an inside look at how to survive the chaos of a huge household, especially as the only boy with ten sisters. The day of Bulma's birthday party arrives, and everyone gets together again for the first time in a while. Then there appears Beerus, the universe's god who oversees destruction. After promising to keep his new identity a secret, Henry must navigate a double life balancing the challenges of 8th grade with the crazy adventures of a real-life crime fighter.

But pretty soon, she realizes that something's not quite right with the building Christina Ricci, John Cusack , 83'. Jonathan Pryce, Max Irons , 97'. New releases, successful productions, famous stars and directors march on your screen But, inside the warehouse, the real threat is an unstoppable killer dog Adrien Brody, Antonio Banderas , 90'.

So, she starts building a house in California, in which she intends to trap the hundreds of vengeful ghosts Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke , 96'. Their relationship leads to a marriage that creates a full house of twenty! Lucille Ball, Henry Fonda , '. Get all the information about the latest action movies, watch interviews by the protagonists and enjoy breathtaking scenes, unique gadgets, fast cars and much more!

Ethan Hawke, Rose Byrne , 94'. Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp , '. The film won 7 Academy Awards. Sandra Bullock, George Clooney , 88'. And suddenly a compatible donor shows up. But, pretty soon, it turns out that he isn't the hero he seems to be Alaina Huffman, Stephanie Sy , 87'. A young writer receives a letter from a farmer who lives at Guernsay, so she visits the island to write a book about the members of an eccentric literary club.

Jessica Brown Findlay, Tom Courtenay , '. Michelle Yeoh, Ken Jeong , '. The film was nominated for a Golden Globe. Brad Pitt, David Thewlis , '. Jack Lowden, Jessica Brown Findlay , 91'. Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried , '. But when someone he loves is murdered, he embarks on a relentless, globe-trotting quest for vengeance. Denzel Washington, Bill Pullman , '. When Stalin dies unexpectedly, a frenetic surge of panic spreads and his former allies square off in a power struggle as they scramble to be the next Soviet leader Jason Isaacs, Olga Kurylenko , '.

Voices: Nikos Papadopoulos, Stelios Psaroudakis , 80'. It won't be late until he finds out that his new wife is not who he thought to be but a common crook Jean-Paul Belmondo, Catherine Deneuve , '. Annette Bening, Saoirse Ronan , 95'. Voices: Telemachos Krevaikas, Kostas Filippoglou , 86'. But after a brutal fall in the gym, she wakes believing she is the most beautiful woman. Her new confidence empowers her to live fearlessly Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams , '. Enjoy a unique tour on the sets of the best movies filmed, meet the most famous actors and get informed on jet set events.

And as her career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down. The movie earned an Academy Award. Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga , '. The film was nominated for three Golden Globes. Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie , '. Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively , '. In the war against drugs, FBI recruits a teenage informant. However, the collaboration ends ingloriously and the now unemployed boy has to make ends meet Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt , '. Adventure, action, horror and science fiction films! Every Friday evening thrillers that will rivet you down like nothing else!

On weekends the channel will be broadcasting 24 hours a day. As a result, the Service assigns his protegee to murder him. The case, though, takes an unexpected turn Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon , '. When he puts on the mask, he turns into a super hero in search of justice and a good time too! Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz , 97'. Antonio Banderas, Paz Vega , 84'. And even though she is a rather likeable boss, she can still be ruthless under the appropriate circumstances.

Elaine Brown, who may be involved in a homicide. Maya attempts to find a job, but realizes it may be harder to escape her past than she anticipated. Kash's acting ambitions are derailed by a family emergency. The best tv shows now on simulcast, in 48 hours or very close to their broadcast in the USA offering tension, mystery and passion! On weekends, the channel will be broadcasting 24 hours a day. Shaun decides to give dating another try - on his terms. Debbie encourages Glassman to get involved in Shaun's dating life.

Meanwhile, Nygma looks for answers from Penguin, who leads him back to Hugo Strange. Then, Bruce is concerned about Selina's recent behavior. Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster , 88'. Enjoy interesting discussions with famous - or not - guests, lots of surprises, strong emotions and, of course, entertainment! Kevin Bacon, Marcia Gay Harden , 97'. Premieres, classic and modern hits, awarded television series from the States and Europe, popular shows and original entertaining programs, exclusively on Nova!

But things get all mixed up when the two of them start falling in love Julie Gonzalo, Eric Aragon , 83'. In the end, only thirteen continue on to their Southeast Asia journey to find love. However, she decides to work with her friends and grandfather to overcome sorrow and unite the town for a higher cause. Bailee Madison, Chloe Lukasiak , 95'. McGregor claiming the same things: a marvelous garden as well as sweet Bea's favour!

Voices: James Corden, Elizabeth Debicki , 91'. Nancy Mallerou shares with us 4 practical tips to defend our goals! The most important thing is not to set a great number of goals, but to fight and struggle for the things that really make us happy! All the latest fashion trends, the newest clothes lines, the accessories and the make-up as seen on the most glamorous stars who attract everyone's attention!

The two of them will work together to deal with their grief and move on with their lives Travis Milne, Jewel Staite , 84'. Terry Crews hosts the show. Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy Season The Grey Sloan doctors operate on a man who crashed into Maggie's car as Owen, back from paternity leave, struggles with Tom's new position. Flug joins the alcohol e-commerce company after serving as general counsel to the New York State Liquor Authority in hopes of allowing Drizly to continue to expand its reach and offerings throughout North America.

Sundh joins the acclaimed bakery as it adds dinner and wine service to its offerings. Gallagher will succeed the retiring chief executive, Clay Gregory, effective May 1, taking over operations at the tourism marketing organization. The new venue will offer over 20 beers on draft, as well as classic and frozen cocktails and a wide selection of wines. Louisiana Purchase opens March Wood has been with the wine company since , when he was hired as vice president of operations.

Mayeux will focus on approachable cocktails and beer at the music-themed bar, which will also offer record raffles and have an extensive record collection on hand. Long Play Lounge opens March Bell, an accomplished home brewer, will open the brewery and tap room inside the former Exeter Sun-Gazette warehouse with an emphasis on blonde ales and IPAs. Bell Craft will open later in Weston will oversee the rooftop bar, and will be partnering with chef Chris Ono. Sorra is targeting a summer opening. Rae, previously the assistant wine director at Union Square Cafe, and the head sommelier at Chefs Club, will now oversee the wine program at the brasserie, which focuses on classic European wines and unique domestic offerings.

It will also feature a tasting room and distillery museum. No opening date for Kith Fermenations has been announced. Asimont has spent over 20 years in the California wine industry. Paper Daisy is now open. Sullivan, a veteran of the New England restaurant scene, will operate as the metro Boston sales representative for the Italian wine importer and wholesaler, maintaining existing accounts while seeking to open new ones. Stewart, previously the area sales director, Asia Pacific for Delicato Family Vineyards, will look to develop the global export market for the winery, particularly in Asia.

In the job, Lukic will work with proprietors Georges and Daniel Daou in overseeing all sales channels. Wilson, founder of the Austin-based Wine for the People, will use the new space as a tasting room for her wine brand, as well as it serving as wine bar, bottle shop, and education space. Citizen Wine is targeting a opening. Buenaventura, formerly of Knee High Stocking Company, is focusing on a range of cocktails from classics to original creations, with a robust selection of dessert cocktails. Currant Bistro is now open.

Chattan will replacing the retiring Dennis Hill, who founded the winery in Hill will remain a consultant to the winery. The two co-owners previously worked together at Trifecta Tavern, and will focus on affordable cocktails in a casual setting, aiming to strike a balance between craft cocktails and a neighborhood bar.

Pierce and her husband Luke will focus on unique and creative cocktails and unusual wines, with a particular emphasis on orange wines, at the upcoming bar. No opening date has been set for Law Bird. Peachey joins the wine producer and importer after serving as vice president for brand strategy and direct-to-consumer marketing at Kosta Browne. She will oversee the newly-formed and growing fine wine division at Fetzer. Andrew Brooks serves as the brewer for the new venture, which will mix classic beer styles with more experimental brews and barrel-aged beers.

Talking Cursive Brewing Co. The new iteration of the bar, called Magpie, will offer a range of lower-proof cocktails along with a few stronger drinks, and will keep later hours than the previous incarnation which opened in late Magpie is set for a March 15 debut. Berg, formerly of Wicked Wort, is partnering with Dan Herman and Andy Rutledge on the new project, which will produce a wide range of beer styles available in the taproom. Falling Knife Brewing Co. Baldivino will create a small, global list of affordable bottles along with a reserve list of more special wines.

Mama is scheduled to open June Brewery Extrava will open summer The distillery will produce a range of spirits, from vodka and gin to bourbon and blended whiskey, as well as beer and wine. Quick will oversee guest experiences at the distillery, slated to open summer Rodil will join the restaurant company as it prepares to open three new restaurants in Houston in Bartram, who was previously the fine wine strategic account manager, central division for Delicato Family Vineyard, will oversee national off-premise account sales, as well as regional wholesale in the southwest.

The two long-time home brewers and brothers-in-law will focus on split-batch brewing, aiming to offer 15 different beer styles. Rush, formerly a regional sales manager for the winery, has been promoted to director of off-premise national chain accounts, while Mowforth will now be director of on-premise national accounts. Steiner, who also is co-owner of Himitsu, and Bran-Leis, owner of Taqueria Del Barrio, will emphasize a Latin vibe and women-owned products at the upcoming cocktail bar and wine garden, slated for a late April opening.

Montgomery previously served as vice president of business to consumer sales at Nespresso U. Gerber assumes the newly-created role within the wine importer and distributor after his departure from the New York distributor he co-founded, Martin Scott Wines. Farrell will oversee the cocktail and wine bar titled Show of Hands housed within the larger dining venture, where he will focus on lower-proof drinks featuring housemade spirits like limoncello, vermouth, and absinthe. The Roost is scheduled to open fall Pape, who has been with the Italian wine importer since , most recently served as senior vice president, national sales manager.

Pape is being replaced in that role by Steven Menter. Lamaii is now open. Parliament is scheduled to open spring The duo have been operating the brewery on a contract-brewing basis for the last two years, but through crowdfunding intend to open a physical brewery and taproom in early Ketelhut is partnering with Jacques Driscoll on the punk rock cocktail bar, which will feature a selection of classic cocktails as well as a few originals.

Bagley Central is slated to open April Weinstein, along with her husband Joshua, will emphasize natural, organic, and biodynamic wines at the comfort food-focused restaurant, along with whiskey-based classic cocktails and amari. The Quiet Few is scheduled to open March The couple, along with their son Kai, focuses on European wines served in a casual, living room-style setting. Arline will compile a list of approximately wines from around the world to compliment the food of chef Eric Bost, as well as offering beverage pairings to go with the multi-course menu.

Auburn is scheduled to open March Porter intends to triple brewing capacity for the upstate New York brewery, both by purchasing the Gilded Otter in New Paltz, a brewery and restaurant, as well as building a new facility in Pine Island, New York. My Yard Live is scheduled to open June The couple, owners of two other Charleston restaurants, will emphasize Spanish wine and food at the new venture, slated to open on March 5. Laubner was 87 years old. Lockwood Station, which will focus on mid-century classics, will operate inside the food hall for one year before seeking a permanent home elsewhere in Houston.

The duo opened the bar with minimal fanfare last week, with an emphasis on straightforward cocktails, sherry, and draft beer to compliment the selection of housemade charcuterie. Nommo is now open. Hammond will serve as head distiller at the soon-to-open distillery and farm-to-table restaurant. Pacific Coast Spirits is set to open spring Whelan, previously of New York-based Skurnik Wines, joins the direct-to-consumer wine platform to attempt to grow their portfolio of small-production wines. The bartending duo, originally from Los Angeles, will focus on Caribbean-inspired cocktails as well as classics, with nods to tiki as well.

Salazar spent over two decades at New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he was instrumental in introducing wild ales and wood-aged beers to American consumers. Miller also serves as the vice president of sales and marketing for Santa Maria, California-based The Thornhill Companies, which farms grapes throughout the Central Coast appellation. She will look to lead the company through an anticipated high-growth phase. Quimby, formerly of Michael Mina Group, will oversee the bar program at the soon-to-open rooftop bar in the newly-launched Virgin Hotels SF.

Everdene is set to open March Bamforth is a brewing and malting scientist who retired from the University of California-Davis in In the newly-created role he will evaluate all aspects of beer production as well as provide staff education and training. Mingers will oversee operations and planning for the international wine and spirits trade fair, which now also has iterations in China and southeast Asia. Mingers previously served as senior project manager at ProWein from McCoy joins the iconic winery after previously serving as wine director at Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado.

Breslin joined the Victor, New York-based beverage alcohol giant in , most recently serving as vice president, digital marketing. While avoiding the natural wine label, the bar will focus on natural wines and other wines with interesting stories at the wine bar, slated to open in spring Jazayeri and partner Joshua Lewin will be teaming up on their second restaurant, with Jazayeri running the wine program with an emphasis on smaller producers from Italy and Spain, along with other Mediterranean selections.

Lost Hours opens February Piotrowski will launch the brewery and taproom with six different craft beers in a space intended to foster community engagement, with an outdoor beer garden and commercial kitchen to follow. Delta Beer Lab is slated to open in late February McGrew served previously as the vice president, corporate communications for the Victor, New York-based beverage alcohol company.

The Bamboo Room will have 22 seats and will focus on tableside service of cocktails and more technically demanding and time-consuming drinks. The Bamboo Room opens February The couple will launch their brewery and taproom on February 16 with 20 taps, including five of their own beers, with the rest featuring breweries from around Florida.

Tucker is a recent wine school graduate who will serve as head vintner at the new project, which will work with grapes from Texas, California, Oregon, and Washington. It will also feature a large tasting room and smaller tasting lounge. Decant Urban Winery opens February Massar previously served as eastern regional sales manager for Cuvaison Wine Estates. In her new role, she will be responsible for on- and off- premise sales for the producer of estate-grown Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The small oyster and wine bar will offer a selection of beer and wine to go along with oysters from both the West and East Coasts when it opens this summer. The couple, who also own the gastropub Hopfields, have launched the Latin American-inspired cocktail bar along with general manager Pedro Carvalho, with an emphasis on in-house ingredients and responsibly sourced products from Central and South America. In the newly-created role, he will look to expand the reach of the year-old winery.

They will offer collectable and back-vintage wines with an emphasis on Bordeaux and Champagne. Stasinowsky, along with his parents, sister, and brother-in-law, are renovating a year-old church to house the wine lounge, which will offer a proprietary wine list app as well as iPad menus to facilitate education. Kidd serves as head distiller for the newly-launched distillery, which current offers two different kinds of vodka and gin, with bourbon and American single malt whiskey to come later. The space also features a cocktail bar and kitchen. Storyhouse Spirits is now open. The couple will offer 40 wines by the glass at the soon-to-open wine bar, which will also offer craft cocktails and local beers.

Pfriem, who serves as brewmaster and is one of the co-founders pFriem Family Brewers in Hood River, Oregon, will oversee the construction of a new production and warehousing facility in nearby Cascade Locks. This second location will allow for higher production capability as well as the installation of a canning line.

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Both are longtime members of the San Diego craft brewing scene: Mark Saldivar spent twenty years working for the San Diego Brewing Company, and Rebecca Saldivar has worked in numerous breweries in the area. The Hop Stop will be a kid- and pet-friendly beer garden and kitchen scheduled to open spring Slingsby will serve as head brewer for the aviation-themed brewery.

The new brewery and taproom will feature an airplane fuselage as a key part of the decor, and will feature a dozen beers from the brewery on draft. FlyteCo Brewing is scheduled to open on March 2. Burns was previously the associate winemaker at fellow Willamette Valley winery Brittan Vineyards.

Sullivan and bar director David Fisher are preparing to launch the coastal Italian restaurant with Australian restaurateurs Jason Scott and Robert Marchetti. He becomes one of the two board members appointed by AB InBev as a component of their minority ownership of the beer company. Chabert will compete on behalf of the U.

Walsh was previously the vice president of commercial strategy and on-premise for Treasury Wine Estates. In her new role, she will oversee all marketing efforts for the winery. The two will oversee the beverage program at the restaurant, cocktail bar, and cafe development coming to the office park in the San Diego suburb.

The venue will also feature two acres of outdoor space with fire pits and bocce ball. The Florence is set to open March The space is slated to open to the public summer Patricia and Grewal will partner on the wine and craft beer bar and retail shop. Racine is overseeing the wine program at the newly-opened restaurant within the Metropolitan Museum of Art. De Ranieri is partnering with chef Brian Burns on the Spanish-themed restaurant, which will focus on the cuisine and beverages of coastal Spain, with classic Louisiana influences as well.

Costera opens February 6. Tours and tastings will also be available. Mueninghoff will manage major wine states and target new retail and restaurant accounts for the importer of French wines. Bar Sirenis is slated to open spring Seay most recently owned a vineyard consulting business focusing on Central Coast wineries, but will now oversee grower relations and grape acquisitions for the Cabernet Sauvignon-focused winery.

Finnigan was formerly the brewing manager at Avery Brewing Co. Perlman, along with partners Jason Vincent and Ben Lustbader, will focus on Asian cocktail ingredients to fit the Chinese-American theme of the bar, along with a range of wines that pair well with spicier food. Kass is set to open February 1. The couple, who also own the bar Bang Bang next door, will focus on a mix between conceptual cocktails in addition to new takes on classics like the Manhattan and the Negroni. Wonderly is set to open on February 1. Shannon Berndt will oversee sales in the southwest region, while Pat Hiley will cover the southeast and Bryan Schoen will handle the midwest for the Willamette Valley producer of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Snapp, who is the beverage director for multi-state restaurant group Fox Restaurant Concepts, will feature a range of custom cocktails which combine unusual ingredients at the casual American eatery slated to open February Niku Steakhouse is set to open in early February. Pronovost will convert Curio Coffee into the natural wine bar several nights a week, focusing on Old World, cooler climate offerings to pour by the glass.

She had previously held an advisory role at the estate. Keyes, who previously served as president, North America at Brown-Forman, joins the spirits importer, which is the importer of Jose Cuervo Tequila, and is a subsidiary of Grupo Cuervo. The hiring is effective February 4.

Berkey is also a marketing wine director with Vintage Wine Estates, while Byrne is associated brand manager with Etude Winery. The two will oversee the efforts of the promotional organization for the American Viticultural Area shared between Napa and Sonoma Valley. The two bartenders previously collaborated at the Teardrop Lounge, and will focus on seasonal ingredients and preserved items at the upcoming cocktail bar, which is slated for a late summer opening.

Davis will also serve as general manager at the combination wine bar, retail shop, and coffee shop. She will focus on organic and biodynamic offerings, with approximately bottles for sale and 10 pours by the glass, as well as offering vermouths, amaros, and other spirits. Dumbauld will offer whiskey and gin that are made with ingredients derived from hemp. SoNo is set to open on February 3. The winery has also added Michele Martindale to replace Guerguy as western sales manager.

Young American is set to open on February 1. There will also soon be small plates available and monthly wine dinners. Prima Materia is now open. Cerio joins the wine company after serving as vice president of operations for The Wine Group. He will oversee vineyard and winery operations for Terlato Wines in both California and Washington, as well as logistics and supply chain planning.

In her new role, she will oversee shareholder engagement and corporate governance efficiency. Virgilio, one of the co-founders of AleSmith Brewing Company, collaborated with head brewer Tommy Kreamer on the new project, which launched with 13 different house beers offered at a large-scale brewpub, along with a selection of collaboration and guest beers. Gravity Heights is now open. Lanzalone will focus on carefree and easy-drinking cocktails, many featuring products from local rum distillery Cotton and Reed. Coconut Club is now open.

Keenan, also the lead singer for Tool and A Perfect Circle, will open the tasting room to showcase his northern Arizona wineries, Merkin Vineyards and Caduceus Cellars. Keenan launched Caduceus Cellars in , and the new tasting room is slated to open in March. Cafe La Trova opens on January Woodley joins the vodka-specific distillery after managing national sales and exports for Walla Walla, Washington-based Woodward Canyon Winery.

He will oversee the national and international sales teams for the distillery. The casual bar will focus on classic cocktails and macro beers in an attempt to be a neighborhood bar. An opening date has not been set. Gorski had previously served as winemaker for the Woodinville, Washington-based winery. The promotion comes as DeLille Cellars readies to move into a new, much larger facility that was formerly the site of Redhook Brewing at the end of January.

Peterson joins the marketing and promotion organization based in Paso Robles, California from Firestone Walker Brewing Company, where he served as marketing manager. White joined the Chico-based brewery in from MillerCoors, and most recently served as chief operating officer. He is replacing brewery founder Ken Grossman in the role, though Grossman will remain on the board of directors.

The renovated distillery will utilize a distilling system that dates to , and will also feature a cocktail bar run by head bartender Sevan Araneda. The Fort Nelson Distillery is set to open on January Case joins the St. Helena, California-based fine wine importer after serving as vice president of sales, southeastern U. Jacques is joining the brewing giant on February 4 from The Kraft Heinz Company, where she serves as the global head of brands and capabilities. She will look to bring a fresh perspective to marketing and customer engagement for the Chicago-based company.

His responsibilities will be assumed by deputy chief operating officer Tim Ford effective immediately. Doucette will focus on simple cocktails and natural wines at the lunch-focused restaurant, which will serve breakfast and coffee as well. Dandy is slated to open in February Verjus is now open. Basset served as the president of the Court of Master Sommeliers, while also founding a chain of hotels in the United Kingdom. He was also won the World Sommelier Championship in Basset was 62 years old.

Pine will aim to grow sales for the distillery in the state of Illinois. Pelka, who currently operates a San Francisco location of the Champagne bar, will launch The Riddler this spring. There will be a wide selection of Champagnes and other sparkling wines, as well as a raw bar and full kitchen. Reedy started with the wine company in as a cellar assistant.

In his new role, he will oversee all winemaking at both the Healdsburg and Santa Rosa locations. Shaeffer will replace outgoing head brewmaster Bert Boyce as the company prepares to open a new brewhouse later this year. Empellon Al Pastor is set to open on January Gallagher will take on the head role at the marketing organization, which promotes wine tourism in the iconic region, starting on February 4.

Gallagher previously served as vice president, international marketing for the California Wine Institute. Neptune will work on wine experience and education programs for the private clientele of the wine company, as well as assist in procurement of unique and hard-to-find wines. Vipond will oversee all aspects of the winemaking process in the new role.

Bodenheimer, who owns Cure in New Orleans, will oversee the cocktail program at the Gulf Coast-themed restaurant set to open later in Dear Irving on Hudson is partially open now, with the 41st floor space set to open on February 1. Stewart will oversee the bar program, which ranges from house variants on classic cocktails in the Martini to a selection of low-proof spirits and drinks. Fort Oak is set to open on January Mann will also serve on the board of directors for the Seattle-based online wine auction company, which was purchased by a San Francisco private equity firm in Mann has been closely involved with several other Seattle area tech startups.

Boswell has spent ten years working for the California-based winery, most recently as the vice president of sales for the eastern United States. In his new role, he will be responsible for all wine sales within the US. Jagodzinksi and Nigl are offering a range of classic and original cocktails at the Library, which housed inside the recently-renovated members-only Detroit Club. The bar itself, slated to open on January 14, will be open to the public.

Deluca had previously worked a number of hotels in Napa Valley before joining the Napa Valley winery, where he will oversee all direct-to-consumer programs, as well as work to develop a new culinary program for the winery. Cowell, formerly the vice president of commercial operations in Florida for the national beverage alcohol distributor, will now oversee sales in Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D. Newlands, formerly the president and chief operating officer of the multinational beverage company, is also set to become the chief executive officer in March.

His election to the board of directors will expand that body to 13 members. Brecher will head up the newly-formed, New York City-based American subsidiary of Fratelli Branca, the producer and marketer of a range of Italian liqueurs. Brecher was most recently the president of Infinium Spirits. Roberts joins the winery after previously serving as the national sales manager for Locations Wine by Dave Phinney. In the new role, he will oversee relationships with on- and off-premise accounts as well as national chains.

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Deglise, previously the chief executive of the Bordeaux-based wine and spirits exhibition Vinexpo, will take over the Beaune, France-based company on January Niche Niche is set to open in February Simpson is joining the wine company after serving as the senior adult beverage buyer at Walmart. In her new role, Simpson will lead brand development, as well as marketing efforts for existing brands.

Toral will be teaming with bar manager Sam Ross on the new project from restaurateur John Kunkel, which is set to open February Velez will partner with her husband, chef Michael Serpa, on the Parisian-style bistro set to open in fall Grand Tour will focus on American wines for the by-the-glass program, while offering both domestic and French wines on the bottle list. Daru is set to open in late The Montgomery City Winery is set to open in fall Keegan joins the board of the Durham, North Carolina-based distiller of Bedlam Vodka after serving as chairman of the board at both Goodyear and, most recently, Xerox.

Kilburn has spent his entire career with the Louisville, Kentucky-based distillery, has implemented a number of unusual techniques, including using a sweet mash and distilling to lower proofs. Ehrlich joins the Stamford-based wine and spirits importer and marketer after serving as the San Francisco-based director of portfolio strategy for Constellation Brands.

Burkett, who previously worked in sales for the Hess Collection, will serve as the southeastern U. In his new job, he will oversee sales for the various Wines of Substance brands in the southwest region. The wine bar, which focuses on flights of three wines each, also offers wines by the glass and local craft beers, as well as sells retail wine and spirits.

The two are collaborating on the restaurant, which will feature a modern take on Portuguese cuisine, and is set to open on January Sprouse emphasizes sustainability and minimal waste at the newly-opened all-day cafe and bar in Brooklyn. She will also feature a range of non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as lower-alcohol drinks. Momose offers a five-course omakase-style cocktail flight to bar patrons at the Japanese-influenced restaurant and bar, while customers in the dining room can order items a la carte.

The seven-barrel brewery will focus on trendier beer styles like tropical IPAs and farmhouse ales, and will also have a seat taphouse. Lower Left Brewing is set to open in spring Anderson, the spirits director for Seattle-area restaurant company Fire and Vine, is focusing on barrel-aged cocktails, as well as drinks that utilize produce from Pike Place Market, where the newly-opened restaurant is situated.

Nicholson, formerly an operating partner at investment firm AGR Partners, will oversee all operations for the wine company. The two brothers will oversee the wine import and marketing company. Their father, Yale, who founded the company over 40 years ago, will remain the chief executive officer. Fineman and husband Chris Gaither, also a sommelier, offer a full menu, along with wines by the glass and bottle. The entire service staff is comprised of sommeliers, another distinguishing feature for the newly-opened restaurant. Bar Mitena, set to open in Spring , will emphasize Spanish cuisine and wine.

Acott, formerly the vice president and general manager of Minnesota for the national distribution company, will now oversee sales for the Illinois market. Acott has spent over 16 years with the company. Langdon will oversee the bar program at the Michelin-starred restaurant, along with sister bar Dabney Cellar. He previously served as bar manager at fellow D. Obispo is now open. The distillery and cocktail bar is heavily influenced by the distilling traditions of the United Kingdom, with London Dry-style gin, single malt whiskey, and naval rum being among the core offerings.

Royal Foundry Craft Spirits is now open. Abigail Hall is now open. Magliulo joins the wine company after serving as head of direct-to-consumer sales at Martinelli Winery. They previously operated Tradition in the space, but the new business will lean heavily into tiki with nearly 50 cocktails on the menu. The duo, who also operate the nearby Long Island Bar, launched their new bar and restaurant in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn with an emphasis on cocktails and elevated New American cuisine.

Frost worked with the Santa Clarita cruise company to expand the number of selections available onboard, with an emphasis on affordability and a more global selection. Gillespie has spent two decades with the company, becoming part-owner in as well as most recently serving as vice president of operations. Wise will officially join the winery on January 7. Nelson will oversee innovation wines and exclusive brands for the beverage company, where she previously served as brand manager for the innovation division.

Kuller is expanding the Spanish restaurant from its original location in Washington, D. Percich joined the beverage company as chief financial officer in after serving in the same role at Foley Family Wines. He replaces Tom Hawkins, who is retiring at the end of Tsilimigras comes to the California wine company to create, coordinate, and communicate all trade promotional activities, working with the marketing, promotional, and publicity teams to do so. Scheid, who is also the executive vice president of Scheid Family Wines, will oversee the trade organization in a variety of research and marketing initiatives.

No official opening date has been announced. Elford had previously served as the assistant brewer at the first location of the New York Beer Project in Lockport, New York, but will open the second location, which features a gastropub, indoor beer garden, and production brewery, on February Belluci is teaming with chef Hayley Vanvleet on the absinthe lounge, which will feature a wide collection of the spirit as well as updated New Orleans classics. SoBou is set to open in early She will also serve as a family representative for the winery and restaurant properties. The distillery and bottle shop offers a range of vodkas, gins, whiskeys, and brandies, as well as serving cocktails at the attached bar.

Aix and Tin Tin opened on December Janowczyk will oversee growth and expand strategic relationships for the collection of brands under the Wines of Substance heading. The Seattle-based wine company also named Britt Dimmick as vice president — west and Lisa Kaplan as vice president — east. Wilcox, previously the bar manager at fellow D. Wilcox is expanding the wine list with more French wines, as well as introducing several new winter cocktails. Their new venture will offer over wines, with an emphasis on local products, and is set to open in early The first portion, a ground-floor taproom, is set to open on December The duo, who worked together at Hand in Hand, will open the conspiracy theory-themed bar in late or early , with the decor and menu matching various monthly themes, along with a consistent selection of classic cocktails.

Bullard opens on December Rosso, previously of Gloria Ferrar, will report to B. Valencia, vice president of sales, East, in the newly-created role. The wine company also named Andrew Lee as northwest division manager. Small Batch is now open. La Strega is set to open in January Brown has spent nearly two decades with the company, which was acquired by Bacardi earlier in The wine bar, an adjunct to their tapas restaurant La Feria, will focus on sherry, Spanish wine, and tinned seafood from Spain.

Wines will be available by the glass or in flights. Cata Vino is set to open on December Troxell will helm the bar at the tiki-themed bar and restaurant, offering a selection of classic tiki cocktails as well as utilizing Caribbean and Southeast Asian flavors. The Toasted Coconut is slated to open in spring Fein had previously served as vice president of sales for the eastern United States for the spirits company, while Matthew-Ellis Escobar has been promoted to vice president of sales for the central region of the US.

Natola is teaming up with cocktail consultants Russell Davis and Danny Ronen on a program that features locally-made spirits, with a particular emphasis on producers in the East Bay and local produce. Lambert was most recently the chief operating officer at growth capital group Storied Craft Breweries, and joins the Scotland-based craft brewing company with the goal of expanding their presence in the United States. Weber will offer around bottles of wine and 50 or so beers at the shop, as well as wine by the glass and draft beer, with an emphasis on local breweries.

Brothers and Sisters is set to open on December Seo, previously of fellow Chicago bars Booth One and the Dawson, will look to overhaul the offerings at the neighborhood cocktail bar. Davis will support the national and wholesale staff of the New York-based wine importer through education and enrichment. Davis was previously the regional manager of the Rocky Mountain area for Wilson Daniels. Boulouque is teaming with Parisian chef Jean Imbert on the upcoming restaurant in Manhattan. The initial cocktail list will focus on wintery drinks, with a full selection of wine, beer, and spirits.

Westgard will guide the beverage program for the upcoming Charlotte, North Carolina-based brewery, which is set to open along with a taphouse in early Albert is the bar chef while his son Jakob will incorporate molecular mixology at the bar. Mario Quimbay will also serve as sommelier. McCroskie, a board member and managing director of The Macallan, will replace the outgoing Ian Curle as the head of the Scottish company in April of Megan Bartlett and Dr.